Hair Bar
English speaking hairdresser in Buenos Aires to make you look and feel your best, make your hair beautiful with custom cuts, colorations and treatments.
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Hair Bar

English Speaking Hairdresser in Buenos Aires

Three years after the launch of our flagship Nail Bar we decided to open the hair salon in order to provide the most complete beauty routine in town.

Our Nail Bar is renowned for fantastic manicure and expert nail treatment technicians, we cannot do less with our beloved clients hair.

Hair Bar aims to make you look and feel your best, make your hair beautiful in a natural way and with delicacy. Cuts, colorations and highlights are personalized, and you have the opportunity to complement them with a treatment.

Our english speaking hairdressers are dedicated to serving the international and local comunity from 8am to 8pm, it’s perfect for pre – or post – work appointments, or even for day-long pampering with our leading hairdressers with lots of experience providing fantastic haircuts and expert hair colors for both women and men.